Training for IronMaori

Transforming Tash: Wisdom Teeth Removal Gives Me Time to Think

There is nothing like being confined to a bed to make you re evaluate life’s goals and mission.

There is a certain clarity that comes with being high on pain medication and having no food as well. It’s like those two are not quite meant to go together haha. But my gosh a combination of Tramadol and Codeine makes me sleep well!! Haha

This week I have been at both ends of the spectrum from being able to tackle this half Ironman goal, to being “what am I even thinking? This is HUGE“!!!

At times I have been rather thankful that I chose IronMaori with a huge a cut off time, compared to the likes of Port Tauranga where everything is serious and the cut off time is 7.5 hours.

I do want this year to be about making life changes and becoming healthier and fitter for life, not just an event where all the bad habits come back on the 4 December.

I want to inspire someone and make changes to the next generation. Who knows what will come after this year.

All I know is that this year is a year full of changes and doing things differently. Those on board are more than welcome to accompany me.  Those that aren’t, the next stop is just up here. Feel free to get off and start your own journey.  I’d love to hear how that works out for you.

Three more days and I can start exercising again.  I might try a walk along the river tomorrow. If it’s gentle and relaxing it doesn’t count as exercising right?!


– Tash McCosh

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