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Day 2 – Preparation in Noosa for Ultraman Australia

Tri Training NZHi everyone,

I had a massive sleep last night of about six hours.  For those that know me that’s pretty good as I’m usually a bit of an insomniac.  Woke to a beautiful sunrise, then with Coach Ray we headed to the swim course for a short swim in the ocean to get used to the environment. The water was as flat as a pancake.  Here’s hoping it’s like that on Saturday for the 10 km ocean swim.

After this I had a short cycle to give the legs a spin.  This was an opportunity to test and adjust the bike if necessary after having it reassembled at the Ultraman Australia sponsored bike shop (Trilogy Cycles).  They did an excellent job.  The bike is running great.  The road surface is excellent over here.  Derrick and Scott went for a short run to keep themselves tuned as my pacers for Monday’s double marathon.

This afternoon we were shown the bike course.  This was arranged by Ultraman Australia so we took the opportunity to get a feel for it.

Ray certainly has the diet / nutrition plan going well.  No junk food for this kid and the support team. I am not really a fan of junk food anyway.  The support crew are taking turns at cooking and keeping me out of the kitchen.  I am not sure if that is to ensure I am kept healthy for the event or to keep themselves healthy with my attempt at cooking… lol.

The nerves are starting to creep in now that I’m on location, but the guys are great at keeping me in check.  I’ll keep you posted as the days pass by until the start, which is bright and early on Saturday morning for the 3 days of 515 kms.

Regards John Humphries (UltraHumps)!

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