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Day 3 – Preparation for Ultraman Australia in location of Noosa

Tri Training NZHi All

Well day three and the crew was all up early to check out the beautiful sunrise from our apartment that looks over the Ocean. Then it was straight into breakfast followed by our respective training – a bike ride for myself and the support crew of Ray Boardman, Derrick McMillan and Scott Cordwell going on their respective runs to keep their legs turning over, as they will be taking turns pacing me during the double marathon on the third day of Ultraman Australia.

This morning was event registration which was quite long with being given a checklist and moving from table to table for either questions, a brief, or the gifts of sponsors products.  Of course there was the merchandise area where I purchased a few goodies or mementos.

The final check out was a medical check with the paramedic who conducted a prick blood test, checked my blood pressure and weight.  There was a series of questions and briefings which Ray listened to, then Steve King the Ultraman Australia commentator who has come from Canada for the event, quizzed us all against the data I had previously provided.

Once the athlete and support crew wristbands were placed on our wrists at registration, it dawned on me that this was it.  A feeling I already had, but the actual registration at these major events certainly wraps the nerves up a notch or two.  My crew made it easy for me with their gentle humour as Derrick and Scott downed another coffee fix.

Ultraman CoachingIn the afternoon we drove the double marathon course downloading the route into Derrick’s GPS.  Then it was back to registration at 1500 hours for various race briefings.  Once it was over it we headed back to the apartment and Ray gave me a sports massage to ensure my calf stays in check.  Derrick and Scott got on with their rostered dinner duties.

The first couple of days have been cloudy, but Sunshine Coast earned it’s name today.  We wonder how the three race days will be with the heat.

Take care team.  You will hear from me tomorrow – my last day before the first race day commences on Saturday bright and early with a check in at 0515 hours.

Regards John Humphries (UltraHumps)!


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