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July Client of the Month: Ben Wallbank

Ben Wallbank is this months ‘Client of the Month’. Ben always focuses exceptionally well on sticking to his target training zones (often spending 98% or 99% of his training time ‘In Zone’). Ben is in the process of retraining to NZ processes and standards in order to recommence a career that he is very experienced in back in his home country. This is his story.

My Journey with Qwik Kiwi… by Ben Wallbank

Ironman Coaching NZI first came across Coach Ray via a friend. Ray coached her briefly a few years ago before her family situation changed.

It was at this time that Qwik Kiwi had announced an ‘all-invited’ webinar where Ray would talk about his passion for coaching and provide accessibility of those who wanted to learn more.

I was quick to register my name, and following which, sat eagerly through the Internet-based discussion forum between Ray and athletes from all over.

Having never ever had a coach I was excited to later have a one-to-one with Ray to discuss my goals. The consultation ran over time with ease; but this was a clear sign to me that with our personalities matching, we would get on fine.

I’ve been with Ray now for a few months with a longer range training outlook, targeting a 70.3 triathlon at the end of the year.

I’ve competed at 70.3, and also a full (iron) distance triathlon in 2015/2016, the difference however is that I self coached.

While for my first 70.3 I had a respectable time of 4:53, my training was unstructured, and I was burnt out by doing my easy sessions too hard and my hard sessions too easy. In essence I was training in a grey zone entirely and not allowing myself to recover and build.

This was very prevalent 10 weeks later when I completed my first iron distance in a rather painful 13 hours, not quite what I was expecting when I looked on paper at just how many hours training I had put in.

But this was the key.  I soon learnt (and I’m still learning) that quality trumps quantity, and that periodising hard versus easy training is so important.

This is truly where Qwik Kiwi comes in. I get weekly sets in Training Peaks, and Ray is always just an email away if I’ve got any concerns to point me in the right direction.

I won’t lie.  Having a coach has changed the way I was training, and this took some adjustment, but I can honestly say that I feel much healthier and have a much more positive feel towards my goal knowing that I’ve got the guidance and support behind me.

– Ben Wallbank


Tri Training NZAs client of the month Ben received a gift basket delivered to his new workplace yesterday.


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