Lisa Rodgers Achieves Her Goal With Coach Ray’s Help

I just want to say thanks. It wasn’t until I progressed through the race and experienced all the highs and lows that your advice really kicked in.

Before the race, I didn’t know I could do it physically – and that was my worry. From the training programme though I was very well prepared.

The biggest challenge though, that you don’t really appreciate until you are in the situation, is the mental one. Your coaching gave me down-to-earth, pragmatic advice; rain is after all liquid sunshine, and for all those doubts and fears I had, at some point during my training programme I had experienced them to such an extent that I was no longer scared of them.

Throughout the programme you gave me advice that built my confidence and resolves to get to the finish line. You coached me to finish knowing that training is just a small part of my life and I have a whole life with kids and work etc to manage.

Your coaching is not just a physical programme but a programme that considers the whole person and their circumstances. I ended up having an inner confidence to conquer stuff; in the end, the whole race and lead up to it was the culmination of physical and mental endurance, determination and calm. Thanks!

– Lisa Rodgers

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