Saturday Swim Session: 100’s

This session will develop your sustained or threshold speed with a set of repeated 100’s. The short rests used in this session will give you time to recover but not fully, hence how your threshold speed gets developed.

Each week I will load three options up for you to do. Option A is for swimmers who are after a workout less than 2,000 metres. Option B is for swimmers who are after a workout between 2,000 and 3,000m and Option C will be greater than 3,000m.

Option A

  • 200m Warm Up;
  • 6x 50m (25m Drill/25m Swim);
  • 8x 100m 20sec RI;
  • 4x 50m on 1/2 T-Time + 10sec;
  • 200m CD (1,700m)

Option B

  • 400m Warm Up;
  • 6x 50m (25m Drill/25m Swim);
  • 12x 100m 20sec RI;
  • 6x 50m on 1/2 T-Time + 10sec;
  • 200m CD (2,400m)

Option C

  • 600m Warm Up;
  • 6x 50m (25m Drill/25m Swim);
  • 20x 100m 20sec RI;
  • 10x 50m on 1/2 T-Time + 10sec;
  • 200m CD (3,600m)

Start the workout with a Warm Up covering 200m (Option A), 400m (Option B) or 600m (Option C). During the warm up feel free to stop and stretch as needed. It doesn’t need to be a continuous swim.

Next up is a set of six reps 50m Drill/Swim, where you do a drill for the first 25m of the repetition and then normal swimming for the next 25m swimming. Feel free to use fins whilst doing the drill/swim set. Do the drills below once through and repeat the Kick On Side for a total of six reps:

  1. Kick On Side (left side)
  2. Kick On Side (right side)
  3. 6/1/6
  4. 6/3/6

Take your fins off for the next set.

The next set involves swimming eight (Option A), twelve (Option B) or twenty (Option C) reps of 100m, taking a 20 second Rest Interval (RI) between reps.

Next is a set is made up of four (Option A), six (Option B) or ten (Option C) reps of 50m. These are done based on a ‘Go’ time of half your T-Time plus ten seconds. For example if your T-Time is 1:55, half that is 57.7 seconds plus ten seconds makes 67.5 seconds. Round that up to the nearest five seconds, so 70 seconds. Start each rep 70 seconds after you started the previous rep. The faster you swim each rep the more rest you get. If it takes you 60 seconds to swim you get ten seconds rest. If you go really fast and do it in 50 seconds you get 20 seconds rest.

Then it’s time for a 200m Cool Down (CD). Unlike the previous sets which have to be freestyle, the cool down (like the warm up) can be any stroke you wish to swim.  You can also stop and rest after any length.  I encourage you to stop and stretch during the cool down.

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Saturday Swim Session: 100’s

Coach Ray is the author of the successful 12 Weeks to an Ironman Swim PB – Swim Faster with Smart Training eBook.

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