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7 Weeks to the Jules Taylor Wines Marlborough Women’s Triathlon

I’ve prepared a twelve week training programme to prepare you for the Jules Taylor Wines Women’s Marlborough Triathlon. Each Thursday I will post it here for you follow along with. This programme started Monday 5 September 2016. The first weeks of the programme can be found:

Is my bike suitable?

Short answer is – if the wheels turn when you pedal it – YES.

However there are possibly other or better options that will make the event more enjoyable and fun for you.

You can take your bike into your local bike shop such as Avanti Plus and get them to service it. They will clean the chain, ensure the brakes work well, ensure there is an appropriate amount of air in the tyres and give it a few other safety checks. This will have those wheels spinning a lot easier and make your job of pedalling it easier again.

If you are wanting to upgrade, what is suitable? Here are some options that you can look into as well:

  • Racing or Road Bike: With a lightweight frame and aerodynamic positioning, the skinny tires will have you flying around the course for the Marlborough Women’s Triathlon. Great option if you intend to get into cycling or triathlons.
  • Mountain Bike: Although the fat tyres and upright position won’t be as fast for you in the triathlon, it will open up a big range of locations to train and enjoy riding it, from the Wither Hill’s to the gravel paths at the top end of the Taylor River. It’s upright position will be more comfortable as well.
  • Hybrid Bike:  This bike combines the skinny tyres of the road bike with a more upright position. The skinny tyres will be fast and the upright position will make the ride more comfortable. An excellent compromise between the two.

Some of the features that make a bike more suitable for a woman are:

  • Lower frame making it easier to stand over the bike.
  • Smaller handlebars and brake levers making it easier to operate them.
  • Different style of seat to make it more comfortable for you.

Pop into the team at Avanti Plus and either get your bike serviced or look into getting a new bike in time for the event.

Key Point of the Week

Health benefits of running:

  • Women who jog or run live 5.6 years longer than women who walk only.
  • It will make you happier, helping to fight depression, boosting sleep quality, mood and concentration.
  • It will make you thinner. Regular exercise boosts the ‘afterburn’ or ensures you continue to burn extra kiloJoules after you stop the workout.
  • It will keep you sharper. Regular exercise helps you defeat age-related mental decline.
  • It will strengthen your joints and bones, especially your knees and the bones of your lower limbs.
  • It will help prevent cancer. Risk of colon cancer reduced by 40-70%, breast cancer reduced by 30-40%, endometrial cancer reduced by 30-40% and lung cancer by 30-40%.

Next weeks training

This week we we continue with some sessions that have increased the intensity and maintain your effort in other sessions to boost your fitness as we work through the weeks.

Monday –  10 October

Run/Walk ( a total of 40min) – 3min Run, 3min Walking Warm Up; 20x 1min Run (or Jog), 30sec Walk; 4min Walking Cool Down


Swim – six lengths, taking as much rest as you need to between lengths


Bike (total of 35min) – 10min Warm Up; 3x 4min Hard, 1min Rest Interval (RI); 10min Cool Down


Run/Walk (40min) – Same as Monday


Stretching Day (30min)


Swim – eight lengths, taking as much rest as you need to between lengths


Bike (55min) steady

If you would like further advice feel free to contact Coach Ray.

Coach Ray is the Head Coach & Director of Qwik Kiwi – Endurance Sports Consultant and is a prominent triathlon and marathon coach in New Zealand.

Coach Ray specialises in assisting beginner and recreational athletes to achieve their sporting goals. He can be contacted at and 021 348 729. Make sure you sign up to his monthly informative newsletter.

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