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Get Started in Running: Session IIC

This is a series of workouts that are perfect for a beginner runner. These are especially designed for people who find running hard and avoid it because of that reason. These workouts break running into easier segments to make them achievable. Over a period of three weeks a run/walk workout has been posted every every second day, that when sequenced correctly will give you an easy workout to get you running. As you work through the workouts, they involve more and more running, but because you have worked through them in sequence, even though they involve more running, they are just as easy because your fitness has improved.

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This is the sixth session and it follows Run/Walk IA, IB, IC, IIA & IIB and is followed by IIIA IIIB, and IIIC.

Now lets get onto the workout:

Run/Walk IIC

  • 3min Run WU;
  • 3min Walk WU;
  • 20x 1min Run, 30sec Walk RI;
  • 4min Walk CD (40min)

This session takes a total of 40 minutes and commences with a Warm Up (WU) run for three minutes, then a three minute walk to complete the Warm Up (WU).

After the Warm Up (WU) commence a series of run intervals. They are only one minute long before you get to walk for 30 seconds as a Rest Interval (RI). Repeat this a total of twenty times before moving onto the Cool Down (CD).

The session concludes with a four minute walk Cool Down (CD).

This session takes 40 minutes and only involves an accumulated total of 23 minutes of running.

Here is a graph of Heart Rate (HR) (red line) and pace (green line) in comparison to the intensity (blue/grey shaded area) from a client doing this workout.

This is a really great workout to get running.  Go out and try it.

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