Life in the Peleton

Life in The Peloton: Tour of Southland Prologue Summary Interview with Guy Carter

A friend of Qwik Kiwi, Guy Carter is riding in the Tour of Southland for the first time. Guy is a Chartered Accountant who is now establishing himself as a Mortgage Broker and normally rides for L&M Group Ricoh Team in the Calder Stewart Elite Cycling Series. We will be publishing a daily interview with Guy after each stage to give you an insight into ‘Life in the Peloton‘.

Life in the Peleton

QK: You are riding in the Creation Signs/L&M Group/Ricoh team with the group of riders spread through out the country. Can you quickly introduce the team to the readers? Roles, strengths, limitations.

GC: Aaron Gate, back from Rio Olympics, previous World Omnium Champ, Jimmy Williamson 2012 elite road champ, Anthony Chapman current World Age Group 2nd place road race. James Fouche Oceania U19 Road Champ. Tim Chapman and Guy Carter. Some very classy riders with some great experience and in a position to have a crack at all the available jerseys.

QK: How did you find yourself in this team? Have your ridden with them previously?

GC: I have been riding the elite races and with the team for two years after getting the opportunity to get a start with the team and deciding to switch over from triathlon.

QK: How many times have you ridden the Tour of Southland? What is your experience at this level of cycling?

GC: This is my first Tour of Southland, after getting injured 10 days out from the start last year. Other tours Include NZ Cycle Classic, Vineyards, Tour de Lakes, Pioneer. Also raced Hong Kong International Crit last month.

QK: How did today’s prologue stage go for the team? How did it go for your personally? What level of power output/heart rate did you ride the 4.2km course at?

GC: Team really happy being 10 seconds down and in 6th place in TTT. Team time 4:56 4.2km average power just over 400 watts and average heart rate 178, max 185. I got dropped on the last corner finishing 10 seconds back. Needing only 4 to finish.

QK: What are the team goals and your personal plan for tomorrow’s 170km stage to Lumsden (if not too secret to share)?

GC: First big day tomorrow and look to set tone for the week. 20 odd sprints up for grabs so hopefully get on the board with them.

Here is a link to Guy’s Strava file for the Prologue.

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