Helen and the K2

Helen Majorhazi is this month’s ‘Client of the Month’. In the last weekend of October, she not only bit off a massive goal but achieved it as well by riding the 200km K2 cycle race in the Coromandel. This is her story.

On 29 October I completed the K2 Cycle race held in the Coromandel. It’s not something that I had set my sights on doing, but earlier in the year when discussing plans with Coach Ray on what things should be targeted to help me achieve my goal of finishing Challenge Wanaka “getting stronger on the bike” was a big one, so not only was the Taupo Cycle put in the plan, but K2 as well.

I don’t know the Coromandel area very well, except that it is pretty and a nice place to holiday. The only other information I had was from the event site which said it was really tough with a lot of hills and most of these were tough (7 hills of note on the topography with seemingly constant undulations). So gladly I went into it with the expectation that it was going to be a long day in the saddle and that it would be tough.
A couple of weeks before the ride I messaged Ray as I had in my head a plan to get through the day – basically not try and go hard, just try to keep going, so set myself a guide of cadence at 90 where I could, try to do 60-70 on the hills (haha – not knowing what a grade 3 -5 let alone a hors somethingorrather was (I did come up with a translation – but its not repeatable)).
A day or so prior I did have a small doubt about my training, which didn’t include a lot of actual hills, but lots of high intensity big gear efforts – only as again, in the event info, they kept repeating make sure you practice on hills.

Round Taupo
Helen at the finish line. We can confirm that she rode the entire way…..just look at that helmet hair 🙂

But, I know Ray believed that I could do it based on the sessions he had given me, so I wasn’t going to falter. I started with the early risers – those that were likely to take 9hrs or more. It was a great bunch of people some of whom I was able to catch up to at various parts of the ride which made it enjoyable (almost).

 The only time I mentally struggled (which affected how I rode) was in the 3rd section along the coast, which seemed to keep going and going and going, with crap road conditions – worse than going round the Bays here in Wellington – and a Southerly blowing in my face and I had no idea how much longer it was until we got to the start of the final section.
I also, found out after, that I hadn’t been eating as much as I should have – I think the hills put me off a bit and I did catch myself thinking that I’d just had something (when I hadn’t as the remains when I finished testified to this).
So, just under 11hrs I finished. It was an amazing feeling. I was even able to walk the next day! So whilst the thought of doing this event again scares me to pieces, if Ray says “get your entry in” I know for certain I’ll be able to finish it and can look forward to experiencing that awesome proud feeling.
On a side note – it seemed like such a casual event, but all the aid stations were manned and stocked as promised (including portaloos at each one). There were marshalls at all the one lane bridges ensuring safety, as well as numerous police and first aid vehicles around the course – and no cut off times!
by Helen Majorhazi
Round Taupo
As client of the month Helen received a bouquet of flowers delivered to her today at work.

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