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Is this the Best Running Book Ever?

OK, so this didn’t make my Top 10 list I did a few months ago (Coach Ray’s Top 10 Coaching Books), but I really don’t know why I left it off the list…..maybe it was because I had just finished reading another book by Matt Fitzgerald and 80/20 Running – Run Stronger and Race Faster By Training Slower could also claim the title and I did rank it at No 1 on the list.

Anyway onto what I told a friend today about what I thought was the greatest Run Training book out there: The Runner’s Edge – High-Tech Training For Peak Performance by Stephen J. McGregor, PhD and Matt Fitzgerald.

This book goes into a lot of detail about training utilising Pace Zones to achieve your desired training outcome, targeting specific physiological adaptation to exercise intensity. The authors delve into how to use the technology available on modern GPS watch units to ensure that your training is as optimal as possible.

The writing style is thorough but also lays the information out for a lay person which makes the book easy to read.

If you are interested in the technology of training or training by pace zones, this is the book to get.

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