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Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Comeback from Injury

After crashing at the Wairoa Gorge a couple of weeks ago I haven’t really been able to do much. I hobbled around unable to walk properly for over a week. I went back to the doctor after a week and got told give it another week and then come back if it still wasn’t getting better (that’s what I got told last week!!!) So I haven’t done much training in the last fortnight, however last week I started getting back into it a bit more.

5 Days after Crashing

After being frustrated at not being able to do anything for nearly a week I hobbled into the swimming pool unsure how it would go. Well it went not too bad. Although I couldn’t tumble turn, I was able to push off the walls with my good leg. I swam 400yds for a warm up and then did some drills and finished with an 800yd swim for a total of 200yds.

10 Days after Crashing

It was another 5 days before I found some time to get back to the pool. By now I was walking normally but still lacking confidence. I was anxious about whether to try tumble turns or not and sat on the side for a bit before I plucked up the courage to get in. I did the first session of my 4 Weeks to a Faster 1,500m programme (if you are interested in trying this programme you can sign up for it here for only $27/month and the first 14 days are FREE).

Although I was swimming in a pool that is 33⅓ yds long so instead of doing a 1,500m Time Trial I did a 1,500yd TT instead. Although I haven’t done much swimming this year I was pleased with my time of 25:43 as I averaged 1:50 per 100m.

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11 Days After Crashing

I got straight back into the pool (because I could) and cranked out the second session in my 4 Weeks to a Faster 1,500m programme. The great thing about this programme is it involves only needing to find time to do two 2,000m (or yd) swims each week and I guarantee improvement or your money back if you follow the programme.

This session involves a number of drills to work on my technique.

13 Days After Crashing

I was feeling really good, even though the swim sessions drained me and left my leg aching. I now had normal range of movement of my leg and was feeling confident so decided to take my road bike for a spin.  I did a lazy 20km around a standard loop that I often ride. This went really well. I even put the pedal to the metal when I was on a gentle down hill and a truck pulled out slowly a few hundred meters ahead and drove off slowly.  I caught up to it and drafted off it briefly. It felt good. Mentally it felt amazing but my leg did ache quite badly that afternoon.

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15 Days After Crashing

Yesterday was a the Wairua Warrior Obstacle Course Race that I was really looking forward to competing in. I made the decision in the morning that I wasn’t going to start the event but I went along and supported my partner and our team mates compete, as well as other friends and colleagues who were involved. What a great event. Greg and Donna organised an amazing event and I was really proud out what my partner achieved.

Team #qwikkiwi at the #wairuawarrior #obstaclecoursersce #ocr

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Team #qwikkiwi finished the #wairuawarrior #obstaclecourserace #ocr

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Team #qwikkiwi after the #wairuawarrior #obstaclecourserace #ocr

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Watching yesterday was inspiring and frustrating simultaneously, so I made the effort and went and entered an open water swimming race around Haulashore Island. I had a great wee swim, keeping the pace nice and steady and enjoyed being out there.

Results can be found here.


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