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Getting a Garmin Edge 520 – Setting Up The Mounts

The Garmin Edge 520 is a very functional cycle computer that delivers a great number of features packed into a reasonable sized unit. Here is Part Three on how to set up your computer on the bike.

I’ve recently purchased a Garmin Edge 520 from Kiwi Multisport and in this series of posts I will take you through it’s key features and how to set it up and operate it.

Setting up the mount so you can position the computer out of the way on the handlebars is easily done using the included mounts. There are two options the one is using the plastic mounts that can get mounted on either the stem or the handle bar utilising the included strong rubber bands. Although the idea sounds slightly Micky Mouse, I’ve been using it for years on my various bikes including my mountain bike and have never had a band snap or get dislodged once it is set up correctly.

The other option is with the off the front mount that attaches onto the handlebar to position the Edge 520 centrally in front of the handlebar. You simply undo the allen key and position the included rubber spacer (if needed) on the handlebar then position the mount over the top of it and tighten.

This is Part Three in this series. Parts One and Two can be found with the links below:


Over the rest of the week I’ll be posting a range of articles in relation to setting up your Garmin Edge 520.

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