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Getting a Garmin Edge 520 – Connecting ANT+ Devices

The Garmin Edge 520 is a very functional cycle computer that delivers a great number of features packed into a reasonable sized unit. Here is Part Four on how to pair ANT+ devices to your computer.

I’ve recently purchased a Garmin Edge 520 from Kiwi Multisport and in this series of posts I will take you through it’s key features and how to set it up and operate it.

To get the most out of your Edge 520, you will need to pair it with other sensors that it will connect to data from such as a power meter, heart rate monitor, speed, cadence sensors etc.  You can also pair it with action cameras, bike lights and even car detecting radars (all sold separately).

Connecting them is nice and easy. You simply scroll down (using the down button on the bottom left) into the menu and select (using the top right button) the Settings menu option. Then scroll down and select Sensors and then select Add Sensor. Here you can Search All or scroll down to find the particular type of sensor. Make sure the sensor is turned on and isn’t asleep and the Edge 520 will find it and you then can chose to select and add that particular sensor or sensors.


This is Part Four in this series. The other articles can be found with the links below:

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Over the rest of the week I’ll be posting a range of articles in relation to setting up your Garmin Edge 520.

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