Progressive Run

Get More Speed By Including It In Your Long Run

The majority of my athletes do their long run in the weekend and this is the perfect time to do it as most people have more time available. But are you tired of doing the same long boring steady run?

This workout is really great for marathon runners and long distance triathletes. Half marathon runners with performance goals will also benefit from including this workout in their programme. More importantly it builds on from Progressive Run A, B, C, D and E that I wrote about over the last few weeks.  I  progress my athletes through these workouts first before advancing them to this one. If you haven’t done them yet go back and check them out.

Now don’t get me wrong, the “boring” Long Steady Distance  (LSD) runs play a very important part in developing your base fitness.   I do not recommend doing this session until you have successfully built up to running for two hours at a steady aerobic Level II pace and completed Progressive Run A, B, C, D and E a few times previously (see the links below for more details of those workouts).

Progressive Run F

  • 35min Level II;
  • 50min Level III;
  • 25min Level IV;
  • 10min CD Level I-II;
  • 10min Stretching

Start off with 35 minutes of Level II running not only as a Warm Up but to develop and further enhance your aerobic fitness.

Next increase the pace to Level III for 50 minutes to increase the intensity and simulate marathon race pace, before increasing to Threshold Pace Level IV for 25 minutes. This higher intensity pace will develop your ability to tolerate lactic acid that can build up when running fast and lift the pace you can sustain, especially whilst fatigued.

Finish off with a ten minute Cool Down (CD) at Level II and then spend a further ten minutes stretching.

This session will take two hours to complete, hence why you need to be able to run for two hours comfortably prior to trying to do this workout.

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Progressive Run E

Get More Speed Through Including It In Your Long Run

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