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Thursday Training Plan: 10k RUNNING Training Plan (BEGINNER 8 week Plan – Start Anytime Reusable)

With the 10km running races getting more and more popular, I’ve got a training plan for beginner runners wanting to complete a 10km running race.  This training plan can start anytime and be reused whenever you want.

The training plan is made up of four runs and two body-weight strength sessions each week plus a recovery stretch session. To start this training plan it is recommended that you are able to run continuously for 30 minutes and are training with a GPS watch such as the popular Garmin series.

Over the eight weeks you will build up to a 70 minute run and have some interval sessions in the last few weeks of the training plan.

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*Training Peaks works in US currency and this price equates to NZ$17.58 per week on the current exchange rate.

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