Transforming Tash: Accountability

Accountability. One of the biggest reasons I pay ( a lot!) of money for a coach. Now want to know one of the reasons I don’t like having a coach? Accountability. Oh what an irony. I love to be held accountable when I am on a roll and life is good. How much do I hate it when I am lazy or busy at work or just can’t be bothered? This has been my week. Granted I have been really sick. I actually had to call into work sick three times in one week!! But could I have gone and done exercise? Potentially. Was I looking for every excuse under the sun not to? Possibly. 

One of the key ways for me to realise if I am going to do exercise or not is whether I wear my Apple watch or not. Do I want to count my steps or see the exercise ring increase? I know from the moment I get dressed in the morning whether I will have an exercise productive day or not. It took me a while to admit it to myself, but I do know.

I am putting it out there that every day this week I will wear my watch and do some form of exercise.  I am off to see Sam Smith in November and I want to be fit enough to be able to withstand a night of dancing in Auckland city! That is my aim. Right, I am off to charge up my watch. I will report next week how I have done 🙂

– Tash McCosh

Tash will be writing weekly as she continues her journey to achieving her goal of completing triathlons (and go to see Sam Smith).


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