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Lisa’s Journey, Week 2: Don’t panic… Ray’s got a plan!

Whale RunSooo, I just read our school newsletter, and there’s only 15 weeks, or at the time of checking the website, there’s a timer – 100 days – 4 hours – 8 minutes and 18 seconds until ‘The Kaikōura Whale Run’ www.kaikourawhalerun.co.nz – less now.   I’m trying not to panic, but that’s not a whole lot of time to go from ‘nothing to 10kms’.  I do ,however, have complete faith in that Ray knows what he’s doing (but then I really can’t argue the facts with him), because all this new ‘exercise’ terminology is like trying to decipher the Da Vinci Code. The graphs and data are very colourful and pretty, but I don’t understand what they all mean. Ray has said not to worry about ‘that stuff now’’, just run and walk at a pace that feels comfortable. And ‘stationary’ is not a pace!!! Haha

Lisa's JourneyI look forward to seeing the changes in the graphs as my fitness progresses. And I’m sure the terminology will all become clearer.

So, I’m taking this year as “my sign”.  It had been shaping up to be yet another year that came and went with nothing overly significant happening.  You turn another year older, you set some goals you don’t actually stick to, you try to eat better etc etc, and the world continues to turn. 

Then a few things started to happen. I’d normally take no notice, but once I actually started taking notice, cool things happen. You meet people, go places and wahlah, before you know it, you’re on a journey which will hopefully lead to further exciting journeys with great people.

Whale RunMy knees, especially my left one that I hurt last year isn’t loving it, but once warmed up will allow me to carry on, so I’m hoping with TLC they’ll hold up and just get stronger. I think I’m going to have to book in for regular massages to keep the tight leg muscles at ease (what a shame that will be). And I have a slight obsession with acupuncture, so will keep visiting my awesome lady at “Traditional Acupuncture” and continue being a human pincushion where ever possible.

Whale RunI am enjoying the variation of the ‘introductory’ workouts, because there is nothing worse than starting out! I’m the type who gets lazy easy, and loses interest fast if I don’t find it enjoyable. I don’t really want to do the hard yards, but want the benefits and end results (like yesterday).

Well sunshine, it ain’t happening!! So here at the start it’s important not to get put off. Some trainers have you start beyond where you’re physically and mentally at, and when you’re carrying the equivalent of a small child around in the form of excess weight, it’s very off putting to feel it’s unachievable, or worse still injure yourself.

These workouts are achievable as they’re short 30 minute interval type workouts, which I do on my treadmill at this stage, as I still feel ‘I can’t run otherwise’. Haha, something I’m really going to have to get over! But for now, jumping on the treaddy works well. It keeps my legs turning over, when otherwise they would’ve just stopped.   I am very happy to say that my treadmill is no longer an expensive clothes hanger!! And my husband no longer needs to threaten to sell it!!

Whale RunAlso though, here in Kaikōura, we really are very lucky to have a big playground right at our doorstep. Just about anywhere, you can get out and have great places to exercise (with a view). So, I’m trying to start incorporating it into my ‘new routine’, utilising this more. Wednesday is rugby practice night, so instead of sitting and watching or hiding in the car from the bitter cold, the doggy and I walk. Good thing is you can easily mix it up each week, it can be flat or with hills, and again, I shake my head and wonder why I don’t do this more!!!

A little off track, but indirectly linked, I went to a talk given to the NCTIR employees today regarding mental health by the well known Mike King. It was an awesome talk!! And if you ever get a chance to hear him speak regarding these matters – please go.   It makes you think that when you’re complaining about how hard life is, there is always someone less fortunate.  It may just surprise you who it might be!! It’s not hard to be kind, aye! www.keytolife.org.nz

– Lisa Harris

Lisa will be writing weekly as she continues her journey to achieving her goal of completing the 10km Kaikoura Whale Run. Check in next Tuesday for her next article.

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