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UltraHumps Journey to Cameron Brown Award and Iron Maori Legend Series

Hi team,

Since my last blog I have attended a family celebration of my mother’s 75th, a family wedding, and I am now on holiday with Mel in the United States.  This is a holiday we have had to plan carefully to fit in with the busy schedules of our respective careers.

At this stage we have had a few hours in Houston before now spending a week in New Orleans, the home of Jazz and the Blues.

One of the best things of spending time together when normally apart with work is we are able to train together for our respective goals.

My left upper arm is still giving me some issues, so after the family occasions and before leaving New Zealand, we did some walks in Taupo and at the Chateau Tongariro.  Both places are breath taking.

Arriving in New Orleans we soon learnt the American food would be the devil of us.  As such we would try the local food as we always do when overseas to find their culture, but we share a meal (an entree in the USA is the size of a Kiwi main).

For training we are using a treadmill one day for me and an exercycle for Mel. We would hammer it out for an hour and the sweat would be pouring of us.  The next day we swap exercise equipment between us.  The pool would be lucky to be 8 metres long so I’m taking the chance to stay out of it and rest my arm.  But I do enjoy soaking in it as the temperature is humid being summerish over here.

Since my last blog I have found I can run properly now by cautiously holding my arm against my side.  The treadmills are in Miles not KM per hour like back home, so that took a bit of working out.

Apologies for a short blog whilst on holiday team, but I will keep you posted as I continue my training journey towards the Cameron Brown Award and Iron Maori Legend Series with Coach Ray.

Regards UltraHumps.


Humps will be writing weekly as he continues his journey raising funds for the Fallen Hero’s Trust

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