UltraHumps – Running Past Graceland on My Journey To Cameron Brown Award & IronMaori Legend Series

Hi team

My journey continues towards my future events and of course despite being on holiday my training continues.

The best thing about being on holiday is I have the opportunity to train with Mel as with living and working in separate locations in New Zealand this isn’t usually possible.  We are now in Memphis, Tennessee, after spending a week in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The temperature has been stiffling hitting 100+ Fahrenheit, which is about 38 Celsius at a guess.  Whilst I’ve trained in those temperatures before in foreign countries the humidity is intense with the Memphis summer heat.

UltraHumps’ run route past Graceland

I did have one training run on the roads in the evening down Elvis Presley Boulevard.  Coach Ray has me training at a run/walk of 9/1 which means run for 9 mins and walk for 1 min due to historical calf strains. Whilst I haven’t had these for a few years under Coach Ray, I still maintain this discipline as it prevents repetitive injuries.  However for my run down Elvis Presley Boulevard I modified this regime and chose to walk past Graceland out of respect. For those that followed my blogs for Ultraman 2016 and 2017 you will know I am an avid Elvis fan.

UltraHump Blog #13 – Unlucky for some

The rest of our training has been committed to the treadmill and exercycle to dodge the climate with Coach Ray monitoring my Training Peaks downloads from afar.

Unfortunately I can’t hit the pool at our hotel due to my niggling arm, which will have to be sorted out properly once I get home, but relaxing in the pool in the Memphis heat is very rewarding after training.

I’ll keep you posted team as the training continues.



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