Pre Kona Qwik-View with Callum Millward from the Cupcake Cartel

Qwik Kiwi: Congratulations on qualifying for Kona again. Over the last few years you’ve gained a great following with your Cupcakes with Callum series of vlogs.

Where did this concept come from?

Callum Millward: Korupt Vision (Glen Murray – Liz Blatchford’s husband) and myself birthed the idea after getting sick of mundane interviews of pros. Having known pros over the years and learning their personalities in private vs how they would act in the media spotlight was often polarising. So we got together and produced tongue and cheek videos which offered a platform to showcase their personalities.

QK: You’ve had a mixed bag to this season with a 2nd place at Lousiville and a number of top 10’s (New Zealand and Cairns) combined with some DNFs over the Ironman distance, along with some great results over the 70.3 distance with a 3rd at Taupo, 2nd at Busselton and winning Boulder. What have been the highlights of the season for you personally?

CM: Two highlights that spring to mind would be Busselton 70.3 where I was second to Terenzo but outran Crowie. It was just 8 weeks after starting with Bevan at Fitter, so encouraging signs. Ironman 70.3 Boulder was fantastic after a DNF the weekend before at Ironman Canada with a faulty valve. I had a great race in Boulder and it went a long way to boosting my confidence heading towards Kona.

QK: Is there a key swim set that you particularly enjoy?

CM: Not really.  I’m sure I am in the same boat with most triathletes who resent swimming. I’ve been enjoying the open water swims here in Kona. It breaks up the monotony of pool swimming. As far as a pool session, I’ve always enjoyed threshold 100’s. For example, 20 x 100’s on 1:20. Its always a good gauge to see where your fitness is at.

QK: Do you train with a power meter? If so, what type?

CM: I use the dual sides Stages and have so for 4 years now. At just 20grams and crank based, I’ve found it very beneficial.

KonaQK: What is your favourite bike session?

CM: Hard to go past an easy 90min coffee spin. As far as a hard session goes: Warm up 30mins then 10 8,6,4,2mins with 2 mins recovery between each. Twice through. Either performed on the trainer or road. Start 10mins at 70.3 pace and finish the final 2mins as all out sprint.

QK: Do you have a particular run session that is your go to?

CM: Generally a brick session is where my key run session is performed. Often I migrate towards 1km repeats, anywhere between 8-12km at race pace with 75-180seconds walk recovery.


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Our sport is so rewarding but can be so cruel at the same time. I was supposed to be supporting @aliseselsy this weekend and relaxing. A contrast of emotions after a faulty valve at Ironman Canada last weekend lead to an early DNF. I wasn’t sure how I’d stack up after preparing, tapering and travelling for an Ironman only for it to go pear shaped – then throw my hat in the ring against some much faster guys at the 70.3 distance. Today everything clicked. It was a hard fought battle with @samappo taking the race up the road starting the run with a 4min lead. @mattchrabot, @bhoffmanracing and myself locked horns for almost all of the run and pushed each other to eventually catch Appo at 12km. It’s easy to throw the towel in and settle for a podium but I thought “hell to the no, not today, let’s have a crack at getting that winner winner chicken dinner”. When there’s 3 of you racing for the win with 5km to go, it’s all mental. Today I overcame and I’m proud of that. Thanks for the cheers and support. We’re individuals backed by a team of supporters. See also @the.cupcake.cartel || @koruptvision

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QK: I don’t think anyone is expecting you to win in Hawaii this time around (fingers crossed for you that they are all wrong). What are you aiming to achieve (not necessarily results wise but learning/experience wise) in Kona?

CM: I am aiming to get runs on the board so to speak. A top 20 is where I’m hoping for 2018. I am looking to execute my race which may involve letting the group go early on on the bike in the hope of coming through the field later on in the bike and marathon.

QK: All the best for the big dance next weekend Callum, not just for you and the other Kiwis racing, but also for your Cupcake Cartel athletes who are also racing.

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