Lisa’s Journey, Week 35: Always look on the bright side…

Ok so the week started off pretty reasonable.  We made it to seven years married – ‘air fist pump’ haha! And I even got gorgeous flowers! I did my fastest time round the block on another night, which I was quite stoked about. It’s still the small things that count – the silly little times I give myself to beat, simply to keep myself going.

I finally got to the podiatrist that I’d been given a card for.  I saw Mr Bruce Baxter from PodiartyMed, who upon a couple of uncomfortable pushes and yelps from me, thought I possibly had a tear in my plantar fascia tendon and I needed an ultra sound.  Thanks to his lovely receptionist, she managed to get me an appointment later that afternoon.

So  I was sent off to buy new shoes.  These are ones that I will now live in until it’s mended…argh!!!  I had my ultrasound, which clearly showed why I’d been hobbling around. Then I returned back to Bruce, who explained the findings.  It was a pretty decent tear.  He proceeded to list everything I could and could not do. No running (which I’d kinda cut out myself as it hurt too much) and no walking.  The confused look on my face was quite obvious, as he followed with ‘yes you can walk to survive, just not go for a walk’.  The list also included no bending of my foot, etc etc… which I followed up with another quite dumb question.  “Can I do Absolute Wilderness?”   “What’s that?”, he asks.

Well …   I launched into my pitch with some glimmer of hope.  “It’s an adventure race with hiking, biking and rafting.”  Actually I don’t think I even got to the rafting bit before I was issued with a crushing “NO!!”

So I am absolutely gutted! I’d recently talked myself round to the fact that I was doing it and now I felt a sense of letting my team mates down.  As I expected, they both were sympathetic  when I told them. But none-the-less, it sucks!!!! I was nearly too scared to ask Bruce if I could continue biking.  Thankfully I can, so I won’t go completely nuts.

So to turn this shit pie into a positive, at least I now know what the problem is and what I need to do to get it better, which is basically the opposite of what I’ve been doing.  It will mend and I will get back on with my journey.

We were also lucky enough to go on our own wee private dolphin swim thanks to our kind neighbours. WOW what an amazing experience. I do get sea sick and I’m not actually overly fond of ocean swimming when I can’t see the beach. So I had a few thoughts swirling around as we made the short trip out to a rather large pod. Suddenly it was all go.  My kids leapt off and I found myself being reassured by my husband (hurry up Hun and just get in!!! LOL). In the water it was quite hard to get my breathing slow as I was expecting to have a head on with a dolphin. And then there they were!  The playful dusky speeding toward us and then just as quickly out of the way of your touch. It was quite a surreal feeling. Once I got into it and relaxed, I managed to hold the attention of one curious one who continued to circle me.  That was just so cool. Then after 50 minutes, I started to feel a little ‘funny’.  I stuck it out a wee bit longer and then once back on the boat, it was all over rover. For those of you who don’t suffer sea sickness I am in complete envy of you! For those of you who suffer

sea sickness, you’ll feel my pain. At one point I was hoping ‘The Meg’ was out there and would just swallow me whole and put me out of my misery! I fed the fishes on the way home and basically declared the rest of the day a ‘rest day’! But sea sickness or not I can tick it off my bucket list. It was totally worth getting sick for!  If you haven’t swam with them before I’d highly recommend taking a trip. I’m positive you won’t regret it!

I hope everyone managed to get back into the school routine, making school lunches etc with school being back this week. I was lucky to join in with the teaching staff at the beginning of the week and had a couple of PD training days (that being ‘personal development’- not periodic detention, just to be clear). So yeah, on my bike this week and for many more to come. I’ve always wanted ‘biker’s’ legs LOL I’m probably a few years and a few thousand kilometres off getting them, but I can only dream!!

– Lisa Harris

Now that Lisa has completed the 10km Kaikoura Whale Run, she has agreed to continue writing to continue to inspire other people out there to get started and make a positive change. Check in next Tuesday for her next article.

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