Matt Fitzgerald

Book of the Month March – The Runner’s Edge

McGregor, Stephen; Fitzgerald, Matt; (2009) The Runner’s Edge – High-Tech Training For Peak Performance Human Kinetics 

Millions of runners use speed and distance devices, and serious participants know that the technology can provide an edge over the competition. The Runner’s Edge unlocks the mystery and potential of these devices. Speed and distance device pioneer, Stephen McGregor, teams up with Runner’s World/Triathlete writer Matt Fitzgerald to instruct athletes on how to use digital running technology to reach new levels and personal best times. It includes sample training plans for 5km, 10km, half-marathon and marathon runners. 

I first wrote about this book back in November 2016, as I’ve been using the concepts (particularly the PZI) in both my training and that of my athletes since I first read the book in 2010. Here is what I wrote back in 2016:

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