Ali’s Adventure – The Darkness

I live and work by the ocean.  I’m a beach person.  Summer is my time of year. I’m officially in denial that the warm weather is leaving me and darkness is approaching. I love Autumn days, but dark evenings take time to adjust to.

Last week (before daylight savings), I was still ok. I could get out and ride up the mountain bike park and be back at The Sprig by 7:30 without night lights. This week, darkness is upon us. Although I like my group rides with lights, it really is a challenge when training by myself. All of a sudden, my brain is in overdrive that just because it’s dark, there is a danger lurking in every corner! I don’t want to hibernate just because it’s dark, and as a woman I still want to feel safe when running or cycling in the evenings. I can also hear the pain cave calling as I know this is where some of the dark evenings will be spent watching the power output and not the scenery! I think it will take a few weeks to get used to the darkness.  At least early morning runs are now light for a week or two.

It was still a beautiful weekend though, kids in tow we went on some great adventures. We rode from the Belmont pub up to Spooners Tunnel return. 12km with a 6 and 9 year old. I was very impressed with their stamina and banter along the way. Stopping for the odd snack and then zooming all the way back down and a reward of the world famous (in NZ) Wakefield pie. All good athletes need to know that energy out can be rewarded with energy in!  There were no other options for me to escape for training today so I did a home HIIT session (with audience). Sunday we went up the Hackett, another great walk in Nelson. Once the small people were worn out I snuck into the garage to smash out my session on the erg followed by some much deserved stretching and core work.

Next weekend is the Kaiteriteri 6 Hour Relay, one of my favorite events of the year. Fast, fun and usually a bit of carnage along the way. Time to dust off the hard tail and try not to get passed by a 15 year old haha.

Spooners Tunnel with the midgets

– Ali

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