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Ali’s Adventure – Race Time!

Well you can never be too prepared, so she thought! I had all the pre-race prep done. Even the grey matter was prepared, a few nerves but the good type. Weather was stunning, no wind too! Nutrition on board, feeing…

Ali’s Adventure – Race Prep

Not much else you can do the day before a race, training wise that is, apart from rest up! The main goal this week was to look after my sick kids and not get sick myself. With two down and…

Ali’s Adventure – Getting Race Ready

I love this end of the game, the countdown to race day. Two weeks out and the sessions have got fun, and hard. But that’s the stuff I like, sounds a bit mad but I really enjoy the challenging sessions….

Ali’s Adventure – Nutrition Update

Since February this year, after a bout of something dodgy I picked up in Wanaka, I have struggled to eat certain foods. The GP said I probably had a stomach bug that might have damaged the cilia (gut lining) of…

Ali’s Adventure – Mixing Things Up

The weather has been pretty amazing leading into autumn with it being dry and sunny here at the top of the South. I’ve dragged in a few friends recently to tag along on some of my easy runs and rides. …

Ali’s Adventure: Specificity Of Training

The closer I get to racing the more specific I try and get my sessions, particularly as the next race is on gravel. Trying to get as many bike sessions out on the trail and even better on sections of…

Ali’s Adventure: Kaiteriteri 6 Hour Relay

Seriously one of my favourite events of the year, the Kaiteriteri 6 hour relay is such great fun.  It is based at the Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park, more focus on fun than competition (but still reasonably competitive to some haha)….

Ali’s Adventure – The Darkness

I live and work by the ocean.  I’m a beach person.  Summer is my time of year. I’m officially in denial that the warm weather is leaving me and darkness is approaching. I love Autumn days, but dark evenings take…

Ali’s Adventure – Mud Glorious Mud

It has been challenging to get all the training in this week with kids in tow. The evenings and mornings are so dark and I have been lacking the enthusiasm to get up at the usual 6:30am. 

Ali’s Adventure – Persistence And Dedication Pays Off

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure and persistence. … Sometimes, you wonder whether the training is actually working. All the hours in the saddle, laps of the pool, miles on the trails. The days when…

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