Week In Review – June 10th, 2019

The Week In Review is a collection of both what I’ve put on my websites and what I’ve enjoyed reading from other sites.

CoachRay.nz Posts in the Past Week:

Interesting Posts I Read This Week:

New on www.QwikKiwi.com:

Injured Runner 4 Week Conditioning Plan

As a member of Qwik Kiwi Coaching you have access to a range of plans that you can use in your schedule. Launched this week is the revamped 4 Week Conditioning Plan for Injured Runners. This includes options for runners who ran 3x per week right through to 6x per week. These sessions replace your running with cycling whilst you work through your rehabilitation sessions to maintain your fitness whilst you can’t run.

Top 20 Run Workouts From Coach Ray eBook

Top 20 Runs

Having published more than 200 run workouts on www.CoachRay.nz here are the Top 20 most popular sessions.

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