Lisa’s Journey, Week 54: A Ray Of Sunshine!

We’ve started ‘Bike Club’ at school. Rather self explanatory. Those kids who are keen, can come along and we go – biking… I figure this is going to be the answer to me getting back into it… everyones all at different abilities, but as far as I’m concerned my butts on the bike seat, the kids are out there doing it, and thats all that matters right now.

#besafebeseen #highvisfashion #kidsonbikes

I’m ashamed to admit my bums not touched the spin bike seat yet. But it will! It’s sitting there making me feel bad!

I said to Ray I’ve got nothing to write. So he sent me ’99 ways to get inspired to write’. *cue, eye roll*… So I’ve been reading through them… #18. Don’t Believe The Myth – remember the phase from Jerry Seinfeld, personally I don’t, as I was never a fan of the show.

“Writer’s block is just a made-up excuse for not doing your work”…

Jerry SeinFeld

Though not a fan of the show, I ran into #18 head on, and hung my head in shame. I am struggling to find content – because I am not doing the work! There I said it. I’m being totally honest. I am hoping ‘#79. Sleep with the Enemy – Make friends with fear. The sooner you stop expecting fear to go away, the better off you’ll be. Fear is the enemy of inspiration, but thriving in spite of your fear is inspiring. If you’re afraid of being criticised, (“well who does enjoy being criticised“) hit publish anyway (“I’ve done this every week, for the past 54 weeks”) and feel inspired from overcoming the hurdle. If you fear your writing won’t be captivating, press on through, because one day you’ll write something people will love’. (“well, fingers crossed eh”).

And this one just made me laugh as I bore myself to death every week. ‘#80. Bore Yourself to Death – You stare at the blank page and nothing comes to mind. You feel blank and stuck. You’re bored. Good. Sometimes inspiration won’t sneak up on you until you stop looking for it. If you stop trying to force the situation and let the words come to you, they’ll come.

I was lucky enough to get to watch both the boys playing their chosen sports at the weekend… the little one, rugby. Scored himself some tries and ‘Back of the Day’. And the larger one, ice hockey. Such a cool sport! For the size of them, they get around the ice rather majestically… haha! Sunday morning a little pick me up was needed, and I actually found in on my Maccas cup. Go Maccas, you’re not saving the environment, but you have very bright, cool take away cups. (#sometimesitsthesmallthings).

Have yourself a cheery week!! Until next… (which will be here before I know it). Ciao

Lisa x

In 2018 Lisa took up the challenge of getting fit to do the 10km Kaikoura Whale Run. That ticked off, she has agreed to continue writing with the hope that she can inspire even the most stubborn (such as herself) to get out there, set challenges and make positive change in their life. No one said it will be easy, (and its not), but it will be worth it!!

Check in next Tuesday for her next article.

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