Clatters Chatter: Pre-Race Update

Now with less than a week to go until my goal a race of Nationals Cross Country, I am now tapering in my training and trying to find all the right gear to pack to go down to snowy, cold Timaru.

Hi guys Today I will be talking about how well training has been going in the build up for nationals and what I hope to achieve down in the south of New Zealand.

Training for the last few weeks has defiantly gone well as I have not missed a workout and added a couple more with a few mates. Apart from getting a ruptured L5 disc in my back about a month ago, which brought me back a little bit. I was trying to as much as I could other ways of cross training like biking to keep myself up there fitness wise, as I couldn’t let this drop. Each week I have covered 50-70km on average and in a month about 220-260km, so have not done bad mileage wise.

Getting ready for Nationals, I have been recently running more off road, trails and in my race gear, so I am comfortable in what I am racing in and my body is ready for the course that lies ahead in front of me.

Two days ago, I was trying to find my spike key and different size spikes to swap in, can’t find them anywhere, so a big last minute search is probably going to occur, to get the last few must haves ready.

Treadmill Running

I have found in the past I have never really get a decent amount of sleep, and I believe this knocks my performance. Just as a tip to everyone, before your race try to get as much sleep as possible in those last few days before the event as you will find you will be energized and ready to go, even though you may feel more tired, your legs will be rejuvenated and ready to race!

Since I am now 16 years old, I have to do some driving down to Timaru. It’s going to be a long haul but I guess I just have to do it. I’m very excited for this as I have never done a long drive, longer than an hour really, but this is also what makes me a little nervous as I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something new.

Well I better continue getting ready for my drive down to my race and packing my race gear, fingers crossed I can find those spikes. I will talk next week about how the race went and what the driving was like.

By Luke Clatworthy (Clatters Chatter)

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