Clatters Chatter: Do You Enjoy Sport?

Hey guys welcome back to another article about my training. Today I will be talking about enjoyment of sport in general and why we should have a thrill, enjoy it. As well as the benefits of doing sport. I would also like to share a story on my favorite session of this week, so be sure to stick around and read to the end.

Why do you do sport? Is it because you love being with mates and getting together having a bit of a laugh and fun. The competitiveness of wanting to win a race or match. Or just to be healthy and keep fit. “I know what I do sport for!” Well competitive or not everyone will get benefits from doing sport, such as. When you play a game of football for example and you’re in a team having fun, our brain reacts with chemicals, which stimulates self-esteem in people and makes us happy and positive. It also gets us working as a team, and communicating as we have to talk to each other about what were doing well and what we can change to do better and win the game, this fires more sparks in our brains and makes us enjoy sport even more.

Its not only enjoyable, but it is great for your health. As children and adolescents should do at least 60 minutes of exercise everyday. This can be walking, running, biking, team sports, the list goes on. Whilst adults only need 30 minutes of activity per day, and this can be done in the same sort of way. Although the more we do of something the better we get, well not always. When starting out a new sport that may test your body make sure to speak to your doctor or someone similar to make sure it is OK. Although exercise is very good for us, too much can be harmful, I’m talking about people, (mostly children/teenagers) more than about 18 hours a week, is a bit to much for your body to handle especially when your growing. If you need any more information on this please leave a comment below.

The benefits of doing sport and exercise are outstanding. By doing at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, you can lower your chance of stroke, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes. It can also help you loose weight, keep positive, motivated, easier to think, reduce stress of everything around you and it can also relax you. There are also many more benefits, these are just some of the common ones.

me on a bike ride this week

Increasing the enjoyment makes you want to do it more, which means training with a friend or in a group you have a social aspect, which can make it more fun and you want to want to go again and be stuck in the moment.

Well my most eventful and thrilling run this week, would have to been my long run on Friday. Coach Ray had planned a one and half hour run for me at 4:14km average. “pretty taxing”. I had got home from school and was running solo, and then the heavens opened. It rained badly for the first 45 minutes when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it rained harder and I got soaked! The rain then backed of for the last 20 minutes and I was starting to enjoy it and was in a great mood, although chilled to the core in water and bitter cold, I was still running.

When I finished the run I had realized what I had accomplished and was very proud of myself for not giving up and continuing. I had another sense of enjoyment, when mum said, “the showers ready and hot, just for you!”

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