Clatters Chatter: New Gear = New Approach

Have you experienced that exciting feeling when you get something new and you cant wait to use it. Well this week I got a brand new piece of gear, that I cant wait to talk about and how its setting me up for my next challenges coming up in the near future.

So recently Garmin released a new piece of gear that is unbeatable and is incredible, it can do just about anything to help/assist you with your training. This piece of technology is called the Garmin Fenix 6, worldwide know for its multi-sport features all at your fingertips on your wrist. Well because they released this new watch the old version the Fenix 5 was cheapened. I have always been curious in the technology of these watches and how they progress on each one and have always wanted to own a nice Garmin watch.

So the watch I have brought is the slightly older model of the Fenix 6, its called the Fenix 5. This watch is incredible, I have only had for about 6 days and already I feel better, progression is happening quicker and I know more facts and data about my trainings and every moment of the day.

new watch

I still havent discovered half the features of this watch but am really excited to laern more about it and improbve my training day on day.

For full specs on the Garmin Fenix 5 view the link below to check out DC Rainmaker’s review on the watch and all the details.

Smart watches can help assist your training greatly now days, they have been programmed and engineered to be greater and do better things all in a compact form. The Fenix is almost like a phone with almost everything I need to know about how I’m achieving and progressing as a young athlete.

I now have a new challenge of doing my first half marathon in November, so I am now prepping for this half marathon and aim to do it in under 1 hour and 15 minutes. I will do some races before hand to prep for this an get ready but now I have this watch I can monitor how I’m doing and how close I am to getting to my goal.

I hope you are interested by this talk and how my new smartwatch helped me in many ways and how it can possibly help you and make you better as an athlete. Even if you do it for fun there will still be a watch for you!

By Luke Clatworthy (Clatters Chatter)

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