Clatters Chatter: First Swim Back

I’m going to go to the pool today, after I have finished my exam to relax myself and have a bit of enjoyment. The first time swimming in three months takes a toll on you and can really wear you out.

Hey guys today I will talk about the swim I recently did this week, to get back into the pool and get fit in the water again. I haven’t been in the pool for at least 3 months, so at the start it felt a bit weird, but once I got into the flow of things I was enjoying it.

I am slowly making progress back into sports and what I was doing but some days I just feel really tired and sleep a lot and need the time to relax.

I have also been trying to ride on my bike more riding for up to 2 hours and going places nearby to me. I am slowly getting that motivation back and being encouraged to do more and rest when I need is hopefully going to help me come back strong.

Hopefully I can start swimming more and get a membership to get more fit in the pool before the triathlon season starts.

We are now on exam leave and it has given me more time to do things that I want to do and get done when I’m not doing an exam or revising.

Thanks for listening to my talk about everything, hope to write more and better in the future when I’m back to 100%.

– Luke Clatworthy

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