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After being in a never ending torture room, then suddenly seeing the light it feels good. Back in control and on your way to success. You get back in the swing of things and everything seems to being going as planned. Well I had a talk to a few people last Friday, that woke me up inside and now I am back stronger and more ready than ever.

In this article I will talk about how I got inspired again to train and keep working towards my goals. I will also be discussing how you can get inspiration yourself. So last Friday I met up with Coach Ray of Qwik Kiwi, to discuss what my next chapter was and what I wanted to do next. So we chatted for a while and showed him I have a new training tool (my new watch), as well as the events coming up I would like to do. Such as the Nelson Half in November and the Triathlons coming up in December and possibly the sea swims in the summer as well.

Julian Matthews
Me on my Treadmill

Also on that day I talked to my old running coach Greg Lautenslager, at a function he had with some of his old athletes talking to some of us future athletes and to the parents. Julian Matthews was there talking to me and a couple of us other athletes, which was really cool. If you don’t know Julian Matthews, he is from Nelson, NZ. He competed in the Commonwealth games a few years ago and has done extraordinary well, only narrowly missing out on the Olympics by 400 hundredths of a second.

He talked to me about how his training was, when he was our age and how he progressed and got better slowly. Motivated and encouraged, I am now back ready to train and try and win the Nelson Half Marathon in November against the local Phil Costley, another Ex-Olympic runner.

Phil Costly

Here are some of the top tips to help keep you motivated during your training:

  1. Set specific goals: A common pattern observed in top athletes when training is that they try to reach too far, specific goals
  2. Trick your brain: Talk yourself through challenges
  3. Self-improvement over winning races
  4. Have a training partner to keep you company.
  5. Mix it up, do different sessions in training to stop tedium and keep engaged.

Ways to keep inspiration during training:

  1. Remember that somebody believes in you
  2. Think positive
  3. Remember each goal is achievable
  4. Stay in control of the controllable.
  5. Engage in mental preparation
  6. Feed of past success
  7. Performance must be consistent.
  8. Be constructive in own self-evaluation.

Remeber to keep training hard and keep working towards your desires and goals. I will update next week on how my training is going before a race I have been selected to go, called the Queen Charlotte Relay. Hopefully our team wins. I cant wait untill I get faster, as I progress more.

By Luke Clatworthy (Clatters Chatter)

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