Clatters Chatter: School Holidays

School holidays have started, meaning a bit more sleep, more work and more quality training. For these school holidays we only have 6 weeks left until our school exams start in the second week of November.

So today I will talk about what is happening right now and what I am doing (school holidays). I will also discuss a little bit about my training and how that’s going for the half Marathon in November. As well as next and future aspirations.

So now the school holidays have started I have a few more extra shifts at work to earn some more money, for future references. I also get to have a bit more sleep and train a little bit later in the day, which is quite nice.

Only 6 weeks to exams start, so these holidays I hope to do lots of homework and revision in order to get me ready for exams. As well as this the Nelson Half Marathon is only 4-5 weeks away, so I am prepping and doing well for this and making good progress.

This holiday will be action packed as well as busy, as every day I have something planned or on. I have also made my decision on what I want to do next year as I am at that age were I have to train specifically for that one sport now, as juggling three to four sports is just to much and is getting me injured.

Training for this Half could be going better as I missed a long run last Saturday as I was to busy with other commitments to run, so I was a little bummed about that. But its not one workout that wins the race its the consistency and all the workouts put together that builds and preps the body for it that wins the race ultimately.

Next year, I am going to try and aim for a Running Scholarship to the USA. I’m not really sure how and for what yet I am just making notes now so I know how to get selected. To get picked you have to run certain times for certain distances to even be looked at. Not only this but you have to do well academically and get good scores on your school work and exams.

Well better go do some exam revision, I will speak to you guys again next week. As I will update how its all gone and what I’m onto then.

Cheers, Luke Clatworthy (Clatters Chatter)

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