Clatters Chatter: Motivation To Keep Pushing

Recently I have not found the urge to go for a run instead I would just be working on my car or eating food. Because of exams it has brought me down with some pressure I just cant find the motivation to get up and run at the moment.

I have dug a big hole for myself and have not been training much at all this week, because of my last exam, having lots of work and wanting to work on my car. By doing this it is making me feel very depressed as I see my mind just doesn’t want to do it as I would rather do something else.

Apart from the negatives, I got my new car this week and have been working on it non-stop to get it finished, so it is able to be driven. I brought an old classic mini. And have been spending all my free time trying to do it up and fix it, getting it driveable and road worthy.

work on my mini is progressing

On other good news my exams are now finished and out of the way, so that is very good news. I am done for the year, with regards to school. Now I have no excuse not to train hard. I am also going to be working nearly full time as Christmas rolls in as work has asked me to do extra and we have to.

So over the Christmas break I wont be doing a lot, except for working, running and having a bit of free time to spend on other things that I can do.

We are also going on a trip mid January to the Molesworth and are doing it in a 4×4. I hopefully will be driving some of it and running as well, which will be quite cool, I believe. So cant wait for that.

Now I need to start focusing and tell myself I want to run and I need to run. I’m going to go and refresh my mind by going for a run outside now. Hope you liked my little talk about distractions, help and lack of motivation!

Cheers, by Luke Clatworthy (Clatters Chatter)

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