Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Not a bad start to 2020!

Pretty short blog this week! And I suppose it’s been a pretty short week with New Year in the middle, it’s Saturday night I’m writing this on the 4th January.

Same situation this week really, good start, all green then the last of the Christmas food, poor planning and lates nights on the weekends resulted in missed sessions on the weekend, I know! The long ones again!,,, ahhh

However, kids are back at school this week and Zoey and I are really determined to get our arses into shape now the New Year is here. Let’s be honest, the New Year really only starts the first full week in the year, doesn’t it?

Well it’s now 15 weeks till the tri season and with some pretty big races a few weeks apart in April and may I really need to start doing ALL training I’m set!

Goal for the week is all green! I’m going to write this blog on Sunday next week, sorry I know it’s late getting it to you Ray but I want 7 green sessions! And I will do it!

– Mike Catton

Mike is training for some triathlons and half Ironman in 2019. Check in next Monday for his next article about his training journey.

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