Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 6]: When Training Doesn’t Go As Planned

This week wasn’t the usual, as my 20 year old brother got married on Friday the 3rd this was a very strange day for me as it’s weird but joyful seeing one of your siblings get married and move on with their life outside of there family.

As for training, everything went according to plan up to the wedding I was hitting all the correct levels and powers, but on Friday I ran into a problem where I only had 30-minutes to train as we where leaving shortly after and I still had to get ready but I thought some training is better than none so I decided to cut my ride slightly short and fit in that short ride, which Is better than nothing.

Due to it being a late night and I hadn’t been getting full sleeps for a couple of days prior too this all caught up to me on the Saturday where I did nothing but still felt so exhausted, I attempted to do my long run but not far in I realised it wasn’t the best choice for me mentally and physically, I was tired and sore and both of those things would not have made it easy to run a full 1.5 hours. It was honestly a tough choice to make as I rarely miss a training but I could feel this would have negatively impacted me instead of positively.

I had a huge sleep and I have done so for the past few nights and I already feel 100 times better and have continued my training as planned. I guess I learned sometimes missing things shouldn’t be looked at  as a bad thing but as a learning tool to help me understand my body and it’s requirements for the pressure I place on it week to week. 

– Jessica

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