Jessica Bray

Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 27] – Change of Direction

This week I decided to change my focus of training from overall triathlon and am trying a focus on running with cross trainings of swimming and cycling.

I have always loved running even through my time of full competitive swimming but was never able to do much due to not wanting to injure or over work my body with the high amount of swimming I was applying.

Once I decide to branch off of swimming I didn’t want to commit to just running as I hadn’t focused on it completely and wanted to try triathlon as it had a variety of different events I enjoyed. I have loved training all of the running, swimming and biking, I am always most motivated and into my running aspect of trainings.

This has brought me to decide to try to finally focus on running and see how it goes and how my body responds to the change of training. I am looking forward to this new part of my training and where it could take me.

– Jessica Bray

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