Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 44] – Injuries

Over the past 2 weeks I have been away from home, after my race I stayed and had a holiday leading up to Christmas today, Merry Christmas . Over the time I was gone after my race I haven’t been running once, this is due to my injury in my foot and not wanting to prolong the injury for the further future so resting it has been the key.

I haven’t enjoyed not training but it has let my body recover both physically and mentally in breaking my training cycle more than it has in the past 5 years with my various courses of training. I have wanted to run, but I have to remember that the more I rest the more sooner I’ll be able to run consistently again which is what I want and has been allowing me to cope.

Now that I am back home it will be much easier to cross train to try and gain back and maintain my fitness that has been left slightly as I have my bike and a pool near by. Biking doesn’t hurt or affect my foot meaning it’s the best way to get a workout it without causing strain on it and allowing it to try and recover naturally hoping it’s not the worst case.

Not being able to train has given me the insight of what it’s like not to do training and it makes me miss it, it gives my life structure as I always have something to do each day and to fit it, and trying to prioritise all recovery process to Continue to upkeep my ability to keep training and improve. I’m keen to get back into my training and am excited for this next year hoping that after I fix this injury I can keep myself well enough to continue to be my best and improve over training periods

– Jessica Bray

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