Tuesday Training Plan – Running 4 CrossFit Athletes – 8 Weeks to Be Your Best

🏃 Unlock Your Running Potential with Our 4-Week CrossFit Running Program! 🏋️‍♀️

Are you a dedicated CrossFit athlete who’s determined to dominate WODs like ‘Helen’ and ‘Murph’? Your competitive spirit is unmatched, and you’re ready to skyrocket your running ability with these workouts. Look no further – our specialized 8-week training program is tailor-made for CrossFitters like you!

🕒 Short, Focused, and Effective: In just 8 weeks, you’ll witness incredible improvements in your running capabilities. This program is designed to seamlessly integrate with your regular CrossFit training, allowing you to excel in both disciplines.

💪 For Serious CrossFitters: If you’re committed to boosting your speed and performance during running segments of WODs or standalone time trials, this program is your ultimate game-changer.

🏃‍♂️ Revolutionary Running Intervals: Our program employs a progressive and periodized approach to running intervals. These strategically curated workouts will elevate your running prowess and complement your CrossFit regimen.

🏆 Achieve New Heights: By the end of our program, you’ll be leaving your previous records in the dust. Imagine completing WODs with lightning-fast run legs and possessing remarkable endurance and stamina.

🏅 Guided by a Running Expert: With over two decades of experience, Coach Ray has been guiding runners and triathletes toward their goals since 2000. His methodology transformed Alicia Gordon’s perspective on running: “Coach Ray helped me turn my running hate into love. I can’t thank Ray enough for his training program.”

🏃‍♀️ Structured for Success: Each week, you’ll engage in two targeted interval run sessions, seamlessly enhancing your CrossFit training routine.

🌟 Community and Support: Join our exclusive private community, where like-minded individuals with similar goals connect and share their journeys. You’ll also participate in fortnightly group coaching calls with Coach Ray himself.

⌚ Seamless Integration: All workouts are structured and easily uploaded to Garmin or Apple watches. Accessible via Android or iOS mobile apps or desktop browsers, your training experience is streamlined for convenience.

✅ Confidence in Quality: All standard TrainingPeaks guarantees apply, ensuring your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

🏃‍♀️ Start Today, Run Faster Tomorrow: Don’t let another opportunity pass you by. Sign up today and experience the thrill of running faster within just one month. Your journey to peak performance begins now!

Sign Up Now and Unleash Your Running Potential!

Purchase of this plan gives you access to my fortnightly coaching calls where you can ask me any training or racing-related questions.

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Training for another race distance? I also have training plans for other Running Races (from 5k to marathon), too.

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