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Tuesday Training Plan: FastLane Swim Mastery: 🏊‍♂️ A Time-Efficient 12-Week Plan for Busy Triathletes Eyeing Olympic & ½ IM Glory 🏅 2 swims per week

Dive into Excellence: Accelerate Your Swim Performance in Just 12 Weeks! 🚀

Embark on a journey to triumph in your next Olympic or ½ Ironman triathlon with our meticulously crafted swim training plan. Designed for the time-strapped triathlete with aspirations of conquering an Ironman 70.3 event, ‘FastLane Swim Mastery’ is your key to unlocking a faster, more confident swim during YOUR race.

Crafted by Ray Boardman, an experienced triathlon coach and accomplished athlete (PGDipSportsMed, PGDipRehab, PGCertSc in Exercise Science, BSc in Anatomy, DipSportsStudies), this plan reflects his passion for the sport, insights from numerous Half and Full Ironman finishes, and a proven track record of coaching hundreds of successful triathletes.

Starting 12 weeks prior to YOUR event, this plan takes you through carefully structured phases to peak your swim performance. With just two swims per week, each session is optimized for efficiency, building up to a swift 2,700 meters in a single session. While not mandatory, we recommend using a smart watch with a swim function to track your progress in the pool.

Before diving in, ensure you can comfortably swim 800 meters or yards continuously and cover a total of 2,000 meters or yards within a single workout.

As a bonus, purchasing this plan grants you exclusive access to Ray’s bi-weekly coaching calls, providing a platform to address any training or racing queries you may have. 🎙️

Ready to transform your swim game? Secure your spot in the FastLane community today! 🏊‍♂️💨

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Dive in, swim fast, and conquer the race with FastLane Swim Mastery! 🥇🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️

“Training for excellence, with excellent training.”

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