Ironman Swim Training Plan

Tuesday Training Plan: 12 week Ironman Swim PB 25m/50m swims per week

As you triumphantly emerge from the waters of your Ironman Swim, the exhilaration of surpassing your previous records will propel you across the finish line. 🏊‍♂️💨

Tailored for Intermediate Ironman Athletes gearing up for the ultimate challenge, this meticulously crafted training regimen aims to elevate your performance, culminating in a personal best during YOUR Ironman event. 🎯💪

Formulated by Ray Boardman, an esteemed figure in the triathlon realm with qualifications including PGDipSportsMed, PGDipRehab, PGCertSc (Exercise Science), BSc (Anatomy), and DipSportsStudies, this plan reflects his unwavering dedication to the sport, drawing from his extensive experience completing numerous Half and Full IRONMAN distances, and guiding countless triathletes to success. 🏅👨‍🏫

Embark on this 12-week journey, commencing well in advance of your upcoming Ironman, as the program systematically propels you towards your peak. Each week, you’ll engage in a regimen consisting of three swim sessions, progressively building your capacity to conquer distances up to 4,000 meters within a single session. While optional, I recommend utilizing a smart watch to meticulously track your pool sessions. 📈👀

Before commencing this plan, ensure you possess the ability to swim continuously for 1,500 meters or yards, with a total workout distance of 3,000 meters or yards. 🏊‍♂️🔄

With the purchase of this plan, gain exclusive access to bi-weekly coaching calls, where you can glean insights and seek guidance on all matters related to training and racing. ☎️📚

Established in 2015, this program has stood the test of time, assisting countless individuals in achieving their Ironman Swim PBs. Additionally, it’s adaptable for those participating in Open Water or Ocean Swim events spanning 3 to 4 kilometres (approximately 2 to 2.4 miles). 🌊👟

Structured and progressive, this program evolves in tandem with your journey to the Ironman, ensuring you reach the pinnacle of your performance on race day. 🚀🏁

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