Lisa’s Journey, Week 40: My 40th (Week), Feels Like I Should Have Cake & A Party…

40 weeks, 280 days, approximately nine months since starting this blog and journey. I can’t say this blog gets any easier to write, but the journey does somewhat. My only hope is someone reads it and if they haven’t started their journey that they do. You… do!!

I’ve been finding this all a little tricky, because there are so many people doing incredible things in this big ol’ fitness world. I just keep reminding myself that I’m just coming at you from the beginner end. I’m still figuring stuff out for myself, which you have to do. It’s all part of ‘the journey’. I’ve not yet cracked the ‘De Vinci Code’ I spoke of in my ‘Week Two blog’ but I do kinda understand now how to stay “inzone” (some of the time). I was thinking about writing a book – ‘Exercise for Dummies’, but I’m too late. Someone beat me to it, so you’ll just have to keep reading my blogs and maybe I better read the book!

I’ve had some interval rides this week, which I quite like, as I get to go a little harder, but in short bursts. It works well for me, haha. I did my first two hour bike ride this weekend. First, in a long time. I was positive I would need to have a skin graft on my inner leg (area), but found no damage on closer inspection once home. I really must get some proper bike shorts, but my thighs are still too fat. Dammit! But I have not given up on my ‘biker legs’ dream yet ! LOL! I wore my Absolute Wilderness top the girls brought back from my race pack for me! *Sigh…* – ok letting it go now!

I thoroughly enjoyed my long bike. I went up my normal block, but off onto bike tracks, which I’m hoping the more I do, the better I will get at. My handlebars felt about a metre wide in the narrow tracks and I swore every bend that I was going to take myself out on a tree, but made it through unscathed. I think the worst thing is riding through darn spider webs and feeling them across your face, but not being able to sometimes swipe them off straight away, through fear of crashing. I always just pray the eight legged bugger isn’t still attached and on me somewhere, because that would make for an interesting bit of action!

My ‘Grape Ride‘ is getting closer, so that’s exciting. I’m looking forward to actually doing an event! I love that my boy comes along with me on my easy ride days. We tried one interval day, as I hate to deter him. I did say a few times before leaving, “Are you sure?”, to which he replied “Yip, I’m going to challenge myself”. How do you say no to that? I think it’s pretty cool, but we both agreed at the end of it, he’ll stick to the shorter ones for now, but he didn’t give up! I think once he’s old enough I’ll sign him up under Ray too!

Have yourself a great week eveybody!! x

Self-awareness around your words will change your reality.

Your thoughts have immense power – use them wisely!!

Annabelle Matson

– Lisa Harris

Now that Lisa has completed the 10km Kaikoura Whale Run, she has agreed to continue writing to continue to inspire other people out there to get started and make a positive change. Check in next Tuesday for her next article.

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