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It was back to work this week. So depressing after my week in Melbourne. Actually, I quite like my job most of the time and my boss is so cool and clever and beautiful and not that short (yes, she’s reading this). I just like doing other things a bit more. Like sleeping and lying on a beach. Melbourne was cool. My kids are quite cool in small doses too. Oh, and wine – that’s probably better than work too, but you know what? If we could drink wine at work, even just one day a week, or from 2pm on a Friday I think that that would make work a lot better and probably enhance many of our working relationships (What do you think, Boss?). Just saying.


When I was in Melbourne I did some more running – into shops. A particular shop that I found and loved was called “Princess Highway”. I spent like 2 hours in there.  I tried everything in the shop on, and my stylists (aka shop assistants) were all about the curves on my fabulous body and how the fabric sat so well and how the retro print that looked like a curtain was their favourite and I just had to have it. And I’m really sure they weren’t just saying that to make a sale. Or as it happens a lot of sales. I think we had a genuine connection. I think it was only strengthened when I went back a second time and they told me how great I was at “working” their stuff.   Then I bought more stuff.

Whatever. The point is that the shopping experience there left me feeling rather ok with the body that the Good Lord gave me.  While that feeling (possibly delusion) is going to be hard to really hold onto and embody between the hormones (that the Good Lord also gave me) and every advertisement that targets women to tell them how fat, ugly and invisible they are, I was riding that high when I decided that I was going to get “serious” about my running – not because I hated my body, but because my body was awesome (and for some reason beyond me, apparently that is motivating).


What I have learned this week is that being “serious” about running is a lot easier to talk about and think about, than it is to actually do. Like when there’s stairs. But anyway, I got three runs under my belt:

Backwards up the Birdwalk (oh, the stairs!), and back down Gorge Road.

Fartlek (I think!) training. That is running round the 400m track down at Rex Morpeth – sprinting (or at least moving as fast as you can) the straights, and jogging the bends. Multiple times. Horrific. I almost died. But I didn’t.

Most of the first half of “Toi’s”. I did that Sunday morning with a couple of mates.  To be fair I didn’t run much. Actually I didn’t run at all, because we were talking and that’s hard to do when you’re running. (See Tip of the Week)

I also did yoga again for some stretching (and I should give credit where credit is due – I had sore knees a few weeks back and Ray told me to stretch because apparently bones and muscles are all connected or something. I was sceptical, but it has helped.)

Being “serious” also meant I needed to do something about my diet. Apparently “you can’t outrun a bad diet”, and I suspect they’re right about that as stupid as it is. My whole life recently had been about getting to Melbourne and enjoying all that incredible food on offer and the odd beverage too (I know I said I’d quit alcohol, but it was Melbourne and time to get back on the horse, but just for the week!). Anyway, I got back and then it was Monday (I always start diets – I mean “lifestyles” – on a Monday), so I started a low-carb-high-fat diet (again) because if you can have cream in your coffee then nothing else matters. Except for the headaches which is possibly related to sugar withdrawals.  However I had a good week on that regime anyway. except for the Playcentre AGM when I ate all the chocolate and tacos and had a number of red wines too (but if you’re a Playcentre parent I know you aren’t judging me right now). And except for the caramel slice, the pizza, the brownie and Friday’s bottle of wine plus all the other stuff. Ok, I failed, but I’m on the bandwagon again (it’s Monday!).

So in summary. I am the “Princess” and Toi’s is the “Highway”. And while I’m pretty sure I will be looking less than fabulous when I do it, I will own it!

Tip of the Week (I get to share tips now because I’m a “serious” runner): You can’t be a “serious” runner and text while you’re running (even if it is to abuse your Coach). You also can’t be a “serious runner” if you just walk.

– Rebecca Mackay

Rebecca will be writing weekly as she continues her journey to achieving her goal of completing the 18km Tois Challenge. Check in next Tuesday for her next article.

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