Transforming Tash: A Roller Coaster of Emotions

Balance. Find the balance. Feel the balance. Be the balance. Don’t let the balance go. Crap, the balance fell like shattered glass all over the staircase. This week has been a roller-coaster of emotions. I’ve been in tears several times, laughed hysterically at other times, filled with such motivation and inspiration to laying on my bed wondering what the hell have I set out to do?

It started with going down to Taupo to watch Ironman. (An hour into the journey my car decides to loose any ooompf to get up hills, so my daughter and I wait on the side of the road for my husband to come and swap cars with me so we can carry on).

Holy far out there are some inspirational people that descend upon that area!! People are so willingly to share their stories, offer advice, give encouragement and say “they are ordinary people who made the time to train and now look where they are”.  I came away contemplating, wondering, could I? Would I? Should I? Is Ironman a distant (far far distant) plan?

Then along comes Tuesday and I start getting period pain. Great. We all know where this is heading. I am lucky that because I have an IUD I don’t actually get my period (too much info? Oh these blogs will get a LOT more personal than that, just you wait haha). But my gosh I get some shocking PMS, which will usually involve tears, back pain and if I’m REALLY lucky vomiting. This was my Lucky week. I got all three.

Physically, emotionally and financially (car bill!!) it’s been a tough week. But I think I got there. It was touch and go a few times and I did elect to bring my rest day forward one day to help cope, but I completed 90% of workouts. AND I managed to run for 30 minutes straight without stopping or walking. That was a huge milestone for me. It made me smile. It made me proud. It made me feel like maybe all is not lost and perhaps this week has also been all part of the balance. Got to have bad weeks to balance out the good weeks right?

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