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Transforming Tash: This Is MY Journey

Those people that know me, know that I love to talk. I also love to listen, so when someone has advice for me, I generally listen. I take what is relevant to me on board and disregard the rest. If nothing is relevant I still part take in the conversation, but only at a superficial level.

But it is when someone comments “I know what you are going through” or “you remind me of me” “you need to..” etc that the prickles on my back start to stand up. Unless you are my coach, don’t tell me what I need. By all means offer me suggestions, but don’t start it off with “I know best and..

Everyone is going through their own journey. What makes this so special is that every journey is unique. It is a path that is especially carved out for you, by you. No one else. For sure, people can occasionally take the carving knife and make their own mini design in their path, but the majority of the art work is your design. You set the mood, the over arching genre of your art work. No one really know what is going on in your head, in your heart, in your soul.  Yes people continue to offer advice thinking they fully know what is happening.

I LOVE hearing about peoples journeys and transformations. Tell me all about yours, but keep it about you, no one else.

I’ve had a crappy week, with the minimum of training being done and I just want to crawl inside a bubble and live out the next few weeks without people looking in. Which I totally get is kind of ironic as I sit here writing a blog for how many people to read?!

I feel life just needs to be a little kinder to me this week. I can control the excess wine and perhaps even throw in a little bit of training, as long as the universe decides to give back a little. 😉

– Tash McCosh

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