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May Client of the Month: Barb Frost

Marathon Training NZ

Barb Frost is this month’s ‘Client of the Month’. I’ve been impressed with her commitment to both training and ensuring she gets over her injury. This is her story.

My Journey with Qwik Kiwi… by Barb Frost

My journey with Qwik Kiwi began at the start of October 2015 when I was training towards competing in my first full marathon. Prior to that, I had only run purely for my own pleasure and fitness.

With the guidance of Ray Boardman, I have been able to now take part in two full marathons.  The Queenstown International Marathon on 21 November 2015 and the Motatapu Off Trail Marathon on the 5 March 2016.

I have learned a lot in the seven months I have been part of the Qwik Kiwi family. It’s great having a dedicated Face Book page where we are able to post anything to do with our training and get positive feedback from other like-minded people.

Not only is Ray a great coach, but he also cares about us as individuals and has been there for me more recently as another support person through some tough personal family stuff.  I am also currently working through a knee issue that occurred in the downhill leg of the Motatapu Marathon and Ray has been there to help pick me up when I’ve been feeling a bit flat if my training hasn’t gone according to plan.

Because of my knee issue, my goal of running in the Naseby Ultra Race at the end of August is looking a little uncertain at the moment but I’m determined not to let it get me down.  I have no doubt that Ray’s coaching will continue to inspire me in the next few months and hopefully, I will achieve my next goal.

– Barb Frost

Marathon Training NZ

As a client of the month, Barb had this bunch of flowers delivered to her at work this morning.


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