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Transforming Tash: Self Confidence

It is very easy to stand in ones comfort zone. To step out of that zone requires bravery and sometimes we question how brave we really are.

I have been talking in-depth with a colleague of mine about the need for confidence. Confidence in all areas of life. Without confidence it is easy to say this is where we belong. However, with just a little bit of confidence we may be able to push that acceptance level just a wee bit further.Triathlon Training NZ

It’s confidence to stand up and say “I matter” or “I believe I can do this”. It’s confidence to say yes I can swim 1700m without stopping, or to ride up that massive hill without stopping. It’s confidence to meet a new group of people who you know are going to push you out of your current zone and make you do hill sprints. (Thank you by the way ha-ha).

Tri Coaching NZMy wish, and it has been for sometime, is that exercise becomes second nature to me. I am sick of having to force myself to do something. I want to wake up each morning excited and amped for today’s session. But no. It’s still a chore.

Oh I know I feel way better when I complete a session, both emotionally and physically, but it’s still a struggle to get out that door at times. This theory of 21 days to form a habbit, it so isn’t true haha. Oh unless they mean actually exercising 21 days straight to form this habit. Maybe this is where I am going wrong haha.

Ok my mission this week: do something for me that pushes my confidence and consistently train. I’ve got this, I know I do.

– Tash McCosh

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