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UltraHumps: Wild Weather and Training Later in the Day

Hi Blog followers

Well another week and another week of completing training without disruption, as we head towards the six events of 1306 kilometres for Charity.

The storm the previous weekend (6-7 Aug 2016) in Hawkes Bay was an interesting way to see that week out with no option but to hit my LeMond Revolution Exercycle in the garage to avoid the gales, downpour, coupled with thunder and lightning and the occasional snow flurry, but this Blog is about this weeks training.

I managed to ensure I completed all the training on the allocated days that Coach Ray scheduled. This allowed maximum recovery between each session.  It also allows Coach Ray to monitor how my body performs with double sessions i.e. AM and a PM session on particular days, the brick session of two disciplines back to back, and the longer training sessions on different days of specific disciplines.

I am the sort of person who prefers to train in the morning, so when I have one training session scheduled for any given day I like to get it out of the way, but wow check out the frosts we have had this week in the minus Celcius in Upper Hutt / Wellington CBD.

With vehicle accidents happening due to black ice, the safest option is to wait until the evening to hit the bike. Bu getting on my bike straight away once back in Upper Hutt from work in the Wellington CBD, I manage to get into it before it chills for the night, however Monday just did not seem to warm up full stop.

On Wednesday it was warm (relatively so) after work, but with it being a two hour brick session, the cold was upon me and the few other people I saw out and about by the time I hit the run.

Friday I was going to do my long run after work.  However with my work activity for the day I knew I had to do it in the morning before work. Two hours later I returned with a frozen beanie on my head from starting my run at 0500 hours (5 AM).

Speaking of injuries or avoiding them due to the weather, I made the unforgivable mistake of lifting a heavy container from above head height on Thursday evening, only for me to lose my balance and for it to come crashing down. Thankfully it passed over me, but it brought other items of equipment down on top of me.

I didn’t think too much of it at the time apart from cursing at my own carelessness, but I have certainly caused a niggle or slight strain to my right upper arm. This won’t effect my ability to train, but I suspect it will give me a little annoyance during swim training.  Life is full of lessons!

Well this week coming is it.  I find out on Monday (probably mid-morning NZ time) if I am accepted to attend Ultraman Australia which is the 1 of the 3+2+1=Charity. Ultraman only accepts 40 athletes as it is a gruelling event consisting of a 10 kilometre swim and 145 kilometre cycle on Day 1;  280 kilometre cycle on Day 2, and to finish it off a double marathon of running 84.3 kilometres on Day 3 – a total of 515 kilometres. Hopefully I get accepted which will also allow me to defend my Military Title which I won at Ultraman Australia this year.

Once again I can’t do all of this craziness without the support of you guys, and most importantly my family and forever patient Coach – Ray Boardman (Qwik-Kiwi).

UltraMan CoachingThis weeks photos are the end of Day 1 of Ultraman Australia, after I had finished the 145 kilometre cycle having earlier in the day finished the 10 kilometre swim. Team Member Scott Cordwell (left) and Coach Ray Boardman (right) are congratulating me, while our other Team Member (Derrick McMillan) is away “Taking Care of Business” (TCB). The downside is the next photo and it is the ice bath. I think the look on my face says it all, but the next time I would be placed in a wheelie bin.  That did not go down too well.  The cold almost made me vomit.

Take care Blog followers and here’s hoping I make the cut for Monday!

Regards John Humphries (UltraHumps)!

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