Di Racing Challenge Roth


I need to say a BIG thank you for encouraging me to take on the Roth Challenge! It was a big step travelling overseas to a tri event, making sure I had all my gear etc.

The event was truly amazing. What a shame you couldn’t have been there especially for the Qwik Kiwi team. John’s support was amazing and that of my host family and their friends was too. We got along with them so well. Already John and I are planning a return next year, and a chance to compete as a team.

So thank you for all you did to get me on that magical start line. Even if I doubted I could make their cut off times!

Di finishing Challenge Roth

Something that worked well I thought to acclimatise was the short training sessions as soon as we arrived.

I didn’t seem to suffer jet lag and I wonder if that helped. At Challenge Roth expo I looked or something to bring back for you. Choices are not as great as at IM [Ironman] but I hope you’ll be able to use these.

Thank you again. I am appreciative!


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