Life in the Peloton

Life in The Peloton: Tour of Southland Stage Four Interview with Michael Torckler

A friend of Qwik Kiwi, Michael Torckler is riding in the Tour of Southland again having ridden in the event seven times previously finishing as high as fourth overall. Michael has previously won the Tour of Wellington on GC and the KOM at the Tour of Utah. We will be publishing a daily interview with Michael after each stage to give you an insight into ‘Life in the Peloton‘.

Life in the Peloton
Vantage Windows & Doors on the front © James Jubb

QKThey say winning the yellow jersey is easy compared with defending it. Unfortunately you weren’t able to hold onto the top GC positions today. How did the stage unfold for you and Vantage Windows and Doors Team?

MT: The start of todays stage was a mess and we were on the back foot right from the go, I was isolated very quickly. Eventually I had 2 team mates who gave everything they had all day with intermittent help from myself and a massive effort from Morgan Smith, the boys held the break between 3 & 4 min all the way to the climb then I just did what I could up Bluff.

Life in the Peloton
Yellow jersey group chasing hard © James Jubb

QK: Gordon McCauley described today’s weather as “real Southland weather”, how did the conditions effect your ride today?

MT: The weather made the racing today, I’m not suited to cold, wet and windy days so was far from helpful for me and our team.

Life in the Peloton
Michael Torckler at the summit of Bluff Hill © James Jubb

QK: You’ve had some big days with a lot of pressure, how is your body holding up?

MT: I actually felt pretty good today, maybe the best I’ve felt all week…might be a different story tomorrow though.

QK: Tomorrow involves 150km to Gore with some hills thrown in towards the end for good measure. What are the plans and tactics you and the rest of the team will employ?

MT: I think the boys would like to be a bigger part of the race tomorrow so probably all hands on deck from the get go. Its another long day so anything could happen.

QK: How do you see tomorrow’s stage unfolding?

MT: Wait and see what tomorrow brings, if it blows again then it could be another day of carnage!

Here is Michael’s Strava file:

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Thanks to the team at Tineli for arranging this interview.

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